Betty Sutherland Diesel Performance

Betty Sutherland

Sutherland Diesel Performance got its start back in 1999 when I got my first Dodge Diesel. After a few trips hauling the 5th wheel trailer and discovering the truck couldn’t keep the trailer under control going down steep grades, I started looking for a system that could hold the power and stop the power as well. After much research, I found ATS Diesel Performance and a whole world of aftermarket goodies.

I purchased a package to Add power, Hold power, and get this truck and trailer to stop.

I installed the ATS Triple Loc Torque converter, Valve body, Commander lock up controller, exhaust brake and Edge comp box for some added power, I couldn’t believe how much better this truck ran. From that point on, I was addicted!

For the last 10 years I have built a business on my passion for making these truck run at their peak of performance, and also reliability. I opened a small shop in Jan of 2005 and made this my life passion. From helping people to understand what makes their diesel truck get down the road, to rebuilding engines, to building big horsepower and performance.

After 10 years of running ATS products in my trucks, today I am a Certified ATS Diesel Performance Dealer. I believe in the products ATS manufactures. They are made for getting the power to the ground, and for drivability. With a 5 yr, 500,000 mile warranty, these products are the best out there today, and backed by the best warranty on the market.

We are proud to stand with ATS Diesel and provide what we feel is the best quality products and service you can find anywhere.